National Disaster Management Authority NDMA Jobs Sep 2023 Free Apply Complete Step by Step Details

Brief Description of Job:

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is offering career opportunities for Pakistani nationals in the field of disaster management. NDMA is the principal federal agency responsible for overseeing disaster management initiatives in Pakistan. It operates under the National Disaster Management Commission (NDMC), which is chaired by the Prime Minister and serves as the primary policy-making body for disaster management.

NDMA plays a crucial role in managing the entire Disaster Management Cycle (DMC), encompassing preparedness, mitigation, risk reduction, relief, and rehabilitation. To strengthen its team, NDMA is recruiting individuals for various positions on a contract basis.

These positions include Assistant Managers and Deputy Managers in areas such as analysis, data science, climatology, development, environmental science, meteorology, risk assessment, seismology, and hydrology. A total of 20 vacancies are available for highly qualified and skilled individuals.

Applicants for these positions should possess at least a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, depending on the specific job role. The recruitment drive aims to promote diversity and inclusivity, offering opportunities to individuals from various backgrounds, including men, women, minorities, and disabled persons.

Selected candidates will work closely with NDMA to contribute to the country’s disaster management efforts. The initial contract period is six months, with the possibility of extension based on performance.

For detailed job descriptions and eligibility criteria, interested candidates can visit the NDMA’s official website at It is essential to review the requirements and qualifications specified for each position before applying.

This recruitment drive provides a unique opportunity for talented individuals to join NDMA, contribute to disaster management initiatives, and make a positive impact on the resilience and preparedness of Pakistan in the face of natural disasters. Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the NDMA website and apply for the positions that align with their qualifications and expertise.

Salient Features:

Announcement Date15th September 2023
Last Date to Apply30/09/2023
OrganizationNational Disaster Management Authority – NDMA
Placement of the JobDirector Administration, National Disaster Management Authority NDMA, Islamabad
Job AreaPakistan
Required EducationBachelor, Master
No of Posts20

List of Available Posts:

  • Assistant Manager ( Analysis)
  • Assistant Manager ( Data Scientist-I)
  • Assistant Manager (Climatology)
  • Assistant Manager (Data Scientist-II) Assistant Manager (Development-I)
  • Assistant Manager (Development-II)
  • Assistant Manager (Environmentalist)
  • Assistant Manager (Metrology)
  • Assistant Manager (Risk Assessment-II)
  • Assistant Manager (Seismology)
  • Assistant Manager(Hydrology)
  • Deputy Manager (Analysis-I)
  • Deputy Manager (Analysis-II)
  • Deputy Manager (Climatology)
  • Deputy Manager (Development-I)
  • Deputy Manager (Development-II)
  • Deputy Manager (Hydrology)
  • Deputy Manager (Metrology)
  • Deputy Manager (Seismologist/Geology)

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National Disaster Management Authority NDMA Jobs Sep 2023 Free Apply Complete Step by Step Details

A Step by Step Apply Method

  1. Step 1: Visit the National Job Portal
    • Open your web browser and go to the National Job Portal website at
  2. Step 2: Create an Account (If Needed)
    • If you don’t already have an account on the National Job Portal, you may need to create one. Follow the registration process, which typically involves providing your personal information and creating login credentials.
  3. Step 3: Search for NDMA Jobs
    • Once you’re logged in or registered, search for job vacancies at the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA). You can use keywords like “NDMA” or browse through the available job listings.
  4. Step 4: Review Job Descriptions
    • Carefully read the job descriptions and requirements for the positions you are interested in. Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria and possess the required qualifications.
  5. Step 5: Start the Application Process
    • Click on the specific job vacancy you wish to apply for. This will typically lead you to a detailed job posting page.
  6. Step 6: Complete the Online Application Form
    • Fill out the online application form provided on the job posting page. You’ll be asked to enter your personal details, educational qualifications, work experience, and other relevant information. Make sure to provide accurate and complete information.
  7. Step 7: Attach Required Documents
    • Prepare digital copies of your documents, including your CV/resume, educational certificates, experience certificates, and any other documents requested in the job posting.
    • Attach these documents to your online application. Ensure that the files are in the specified format and within the size limits.
  8. Step 8: Review and Submit
    • Before submitting your application, review all the information you’ve entered to ensure accuracy and completeness.
    • Once you’re satisfied, click the “Submit” or “Apply” button to send your application to NDMA.
  9. Step 9: Application Confirmation
    • After successfully submitting your application, you should receive a confirmation message or email. This will serve as proof that your application has been received.
  10. Step 10: Await Shortlisting
    • NDMA will review all applications and shortlist candidates based on their qualifications and suitability for the positions.
    • Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further proceedings, which may include an interview.
  11. Step 11: Interview Preparation
    • If you are shortlisted, prepare for the interview by gathering your original documents, certificates, and any additional information required.
  12. Step 12: Attend the Interview
    • Attend the interview at the specified date, time, and location.
    • Present your original documents as requested.
  13. Step 13: Await Selection
    • After the interview, NDMA will select candidates based on their performance and suitability for the positions.
  14. Step 14: Join NDMA
    • If you are selected, you will receive further instructions on joining NDMA.

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