Afghanistan in Semi Finals of ICC World Cup 2023 ?

Afghanistan is an unpredictable team and they have upset England Recently. In this article, we will tell. you that how Afghanistan can easily make their ways to the semi Finals of ICC World Cup 2023.

Afghanistan at Previous ODI World Cups :

Let’s look at the performance overview of Afghanistan Cricket Team in the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup History.

2015Group Stage610516.67%
2019Group Stage90090.00%
TotalGroup Stage1510146.67%

Well, the above record doesn’t seem to be good. They have only won one match out of 15. But in this World Cup currently going, they have taken a win over a very powerful team, England.

Now, they are going to play with New Zealand and Pakistan in their upcoming matches. Against Pakistan, their record is also very good.

So, we can expect some other upsets which can lead Afghanistan to become a very strong contender for the semi-finals of the ICC World Cup 2023.

How many Wins Afghanistan Need ?

Afghanistan needs a minimum of 6 wins to directly qualify for the semi-finals of the ICC World Cup 2023. Out of 9 total matches in the group stage, Afghanistan can afford to lose 3 matches, of which it has already lost 2.

So, if Afghanistan wants to reach the semi-finals of the World Cup, it can now only lose one more match, which is obviously not recommended as it can create extra pressure.

Their Rivalry and Spirit Against “Pakistan”?

When it comes to facing Pakistan, the Afghanistan cricket team has shown a commendable record. While they may not have secured numerous victories, their performance against the Pakistan team has been nothing short of remarkable.

They have consistently displayed remarkable fighting spirit in their matches against Pakistan. This resilient attitude of the Afghan players poses a significant challenge to Pakistan, potentially providing Afghanistan with a clear path to the semi-finals, especially considering their earlier triumph over England. Pakistan, being a formidable team, could face a tough encounter.

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